Halloween project: DIY black spider
kids crafts

Halloween is on its way!

With Halloween approaching, I thought I share with you a fun project that your kids will love doing. Meet Sally & Sid…


This is a great DIY Halloween project for kids because they’re simple to make and they’re not too scary!

You will need:

1x Large polystyrene ball
1x Small polystyrene ball
1x Large skewer
1x Pink and/or black acylic paint (You need a paint that has a thick consistency)
1x Toothpick
1x Set of googly eyes
1x Hanging pin and cap
1x Polystyrene glue

Step 1. Get the small polystyrene ball and pierce it with the skewerSmall polystyrene ball being pierced

Step 2. Do the same with the larger polystyrene ballLarger polystyrene ball is pierced with a skewer

Step 3. Pick up the skewer and paint the ball. By using the skewer, it allows you to paint the whole ball without getting paint on your fingers. Do the same for the other ballpaint-the-ball

Step 4. Place the skewers in a pint glass and leave to dry overnightThe painted balls on skewers are left in a pint glass to dry

Step 5. Pull out the skewer and thread the pipe cleaner through it. Repeat this step another 3 times.You should now have a body with 8 legsThread the pipe cleaner through the existing hole

Step 6. Decide where you want the head to be and push the toothpick through the polystyrene ball and then attach the smaller one to ittooth-pick-spider

This is how Sid will look:screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-14-37-17

Step 7. Glue on the googly eyesscreen-shot-2016-10-01-at-14-05-36

Step 8. If you want to hang up the spider, you will need to attach a hanging pin and cap. Pinch together the hanging pin together and and dip into polystyrene glue…screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-14-11-27

and then push into the ball


Step 9. Draw on some fangs and there you have it… a Halloween DIY decorationDIY Halloween Spider Decoration

If you want to make Sally, you’ll need the same materials plus some pink acrylic paint and some fake eyelashes.

You can also watch my video tutorial on youtube: https://youtu.be/fpWOSXJ3MUQ

Watch how to decorate a letter


I had so much making this, I hope you do too!

With love,

Stacy xx

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