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How to make hanging heart | DIY room décor | DIY wedding

Love is in the air! Today I’ll be showing you how to make pearl heart wreath that can be hung up in your home and admired by family and friends. It would also make a great handmade wedding decoration by opting to use traditional bridal coloured beads.

You will need:

All materials are available from Hobbycraft

Step 1. I wanted to use two colours. I started with a piece of turquoise ribbon and glued the end to what would become the back of the heart.


Step 2. Tightly wrap the ribbon around the heart and occasionally apply glue. Once half way around the heart,  cut the ribbon and glue it down. Get a different coloured ribbon, I used white and continue tightly wrapping the rest of the heart.

Wrapping ribbon around polystyrene heart

Step 3.  Once the heart is completely covered. cut the ribbon and glue the end down. Make sure that you glue it down on the back side of the heart.

Cutting ribbon

Step 4. The fun bit…adding beads. Apply the glue and quickly place your beads on the heart. Make sure that the holes aren’t facing up. You’ll get a nicer finish if you do it this way.

TOP TIP: You need to work quickly because the dries super quick but try not to burn your fingers

On the turquoise side, I’ve added greener beads and on the  other side I’ve used pearls and cream beads

Adding beads with the glue gun to heart decoration

Once the heart is fully covered, you may need to pull off any loose dried bits of glue

Step 5. Using a spare piece of ribbon, create a loop and tie a knot. Glue the knot to back of the heart

Step 6. Cover the knot by gluing beads over the top

You can also watch the hanging heart tutorial on Youtube

I hope you’ve enjoyed my beady tutorial, please let me know how you found it.

With love,

Stacy’s Handmade Secrets x

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