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Satin & lace hanging heart| DIY wedding ideas

This stunning DIY wedding heart is simple to make and super light. This means it can be hung or carried almost anywhere!

You could make several and hang them from the chairs or along church pews down the aisle. They would make a great alternative (or addition) to flowers at a fraction of the cost.

What also makes this DIY wedding decoration great is that it took under 5 minutes to make. However if this is your first time making it, ensure that you spend longer on it as you don’t want to rush it. It needs to be perfect especially if you’re making it for your big day.

You will need:

To hang up the heart, I recommend that you make a loop from a headpin. To do this you will need:

If you don’t have the tools above you could hang up your heart by tying a piece of ribbon through it but I think it hangs nicer if you can make a loop. Please ignore step 1 if you don’t want to make a headpin loop.

Step 1. Using a long headpin, thread on a small bead and pierce it through the centre of heart. Feel free to add glue onto the headpin for extra security . Once securely in place, create a headpin loop. If you don’t know how to make a headpin loop, I’ve found some great instructions by the crafty blog stalker

Step 2. Apply some glue to the back of the polystyrene heart. Place the end of the satin ribbon on to the glue. Be careful when using a glue gun, it gets really hot! Tightly wrap the satin ribbon around the heart and occasionally apply glue. Once you have fully covered the heart cut off the excess ribbon and glue down.

Step 3. Wrap the lace ribbon around the heart. You only need a smaller piece of ribbon since you’ll be using it more sparingly. Apply glue where needed.

Lace ribbon wrapped around heart

Step 4. Pin the brooch to the front of the heart-for extra security add some glue.

Step 5. Finish off by threading a piece of ribbon through the headpin loop and hang up.

Lace and ribbon wedding heart | Home decor

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

With love,

Stacy’s Handmade Secrets x

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