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Beauty & the Beast Pendant | Jewellery making

The new Beauty & Beast film has inspired me to make these DIY Disney style pendants. The first is made from a print-out of the Rose in a glass and the other is of the iconic scene where Belle and the Beast danced.

Final Beauty and the beast pendant
These Beauty and the Beast necklaces will only take 15 minutes to make (excluding drying time). To learn how to make them follow my step-by-step instructions below or watch my video tutorial on Youtube

To make the necklaces you will need:

Print-outs of the Disney scenes. You can get these by Googling “beauty and the beast stained glass”
1x PVA Glue and a stronger glue (superglue-like)
1x Paintbrush
1 x Antique oval cameo pendant in Bronze (2 pack)
1 x Clear oval dome medium (4 pack)
1x Chain, Lobster clasp (Trigger clasp) & jumping or a ready-made chain

All products are available to purchase from Hobbycraft.

Step 1. Apply the PVA glue to the printout, be generous.

Paint the glue

Step 2. Place the oval dome over the area that has glue and add pressure. Apply enough pressure to remove any air bubbles. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Push the cabochan

Step 3. Once dried, cut off the excess.

How the cabochons should look

Step 4. Apply stronger glue to the inside of the oval cameo setting and push the oval dome into it. You will need to check the instructions on the glue to know how long you will need to leave it to dry for.

Final Beauty and the Beast Pendant

Step 5. You can now add the pendant to a ready made necklace or you can make your own necklace by adding jumpings and a lobster clasp.

I hope you like my Disney inspired necklace.

With love,

Stacy xx


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