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How to make handmade Christmas baubles-Tutorial 1 | Décopatch bauble

I know that Christmas feels like it’s ages away but it will sneak up on you especially if you want to make some handmade gifts for friends or if you’re planning on making your own Christmas decorations for yourself or for craft fairs.

Over the next couple of months I’m going to show you how you can make some beautiful handmade decorations. I’m going to start off with showing you how to make baubles using polystyrene shapes.

My favourite bauble component is polystyrene, it’s so versatile and relatively cheap to buy. I’m going to be using polystyrene as my base material for my first few designs.

DIY Decopacth Christmas bauble decoration

To make this bauble you will need the following Materials

Step 1. Rip your décopatch paper into small pieces. If you have a larger polystyrene ball make the ripped pieces slightly bigger

Step 2. Pierce the bauble with either a toothpick or BBQ skewer. Hold the skewer whilst pasting the decopatch glue over the ball. This way you won’t get glue over your fingers and you’ll easily cover the whole bauble.

Step 3. Once your ball is completely covered in glue, pick up the pieces of paper using the paintbrush and the add another layer of glue until your there are no blank spaces left on the bauble.

Try and keep the surface as flat as possible by adding a little pressure on the brush when pasting the glue over the ripped paper. Try and work inwards-out to prevent any air bubbles from appearing.

Step 4. Leave to dry overnight and in the morning you can add the finishing touches in the morning.

Step 5. Using a clean paintbrush, apply a thin layer of gloss. Whilst the gloss is still wet, sprinkle a touch of glitter over the bauble.

Step 6. Pinch the hanging pin together, dip it in the polystyrene glue and push into the bauble. Add a piece of thread or ribbon to the hanging pin and your décopatch bauble is ready to be hung on the Christmas tree.

Watch my YouTube video tutorial on how to make this Christmas décopatch bauble

With love,

Stacy xx

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