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5 ways to keep the kids busy

How to keep the kids busy over the holidays.

I dont have any munchkins but I do have close friends and family with kids and they sometimes run out of ideas about how to keep the little ones entertained over the holidays. So I’ve pulled together some of my favourite kid craft ideas. All the ideas are cheap or don’t cost anything at all, super quick to make and could keep your angels occupied for hours.

#1. Hungry hippo style crazy golf.


Using just a cardboard box, scissors, glue, felt tips and some plastic balls, you could keep them busy whilst your working in the garden or hanging out the washing. This would also make a a great indoor game as well as an outdoor game that can be played with just one child or a few of them. This game is not limited to just the kids but you could have a go and join in with them too!

#2. Recccccycling snake

Image from ‘Lost my name”

This is definitely one of favourites!! You could make cleaning up no longer a chore but a fun game instead.

This will give you a great oppportunity to spend quality time with your child whilst painting and cutting out the snake. After it’s been made they can help tidy up with aid of their new friend, Cyril the snake.

#3. Decopatch bunny

Kids decorated rabbits with decopatch and wool
Image from Hobbycraft

This is perfect for an older child and is a great one for you too. Hobbycraft sell a variety of animal bases from lion heads, unicorn heads and more made from either a polystrene or card-like base. You and your child could décopatch your animal like the blue and pink rabbit in the image. Not done Decopatch before? Watch my how to décopatch a bauble video or follow my step by step instructions. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try wrapping the polystyrene rabbit it white yarn- like the one in the picture above. Instructions on how to make this bunny can be found on the hobby craft blog

I also love, love, love 💛 the Lindt style décopatch bunny, also made with materials from Hobbycraft which is probably more of a craft project for a much older child or an adult

Hobbycraft decorated rabbits
Image from Hobbycraft

#4. Ball in a cup game

I came across this game when I was scanning through Pinterest. This is great indoor game especially if it’s a rainy day. The rules are simple; with one hand,  you need catch the ball in the tube. Its a game where one child can play on their own or with a group of friends and the results are then tallied up.  Hello wonderful blog shows you how simple it is to make one or more of these.

Toilet roll game
Design and Image from hello, Wonderful

#5 2D Hopscotch obstacle course

Creative hopscotch
Image from lifeasmama

This in’t a craft idea but it’s a great way to keep the children busy over the holiday.

I used to love playing hopscotch as a kid. It kept me active without me knowing! This is perfect if you want your little one to get some fresh air. Life as mama shows you some other pavement chalk ideas but this is definitely my favourite one!

You can create a standard hopscotch if you want or you can make it a little more interesting by adding new instructions such as ‘touch your toes’. You can decide on the rules with your child – your only limit is your imagination. If the child gets board, add some more instructions on to the end of your hopscotch style obstacle course. The rules are simple:

  1. The child has to throw the stone on to one of the instrutions (or on to a number if you’ve created a simple hopscotch with numbers)
  2. The child has to then perform the actions that are written on every square until the child reaches the square with the stone on it
  3. Then the very excitable kid has to turn back round and recreate all the actions until they return to the very first square.

I hope you have fun trying out some of the ideas I have found. Let me know what you think and if they helped to keep the kids entertained over the holidays.


Stacy xx

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