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A beginners guide to button card making….

I recently received this personalised button card from my soon to be sister-in-law and I instantly loved it. I’d never seen anything like this before; quirky and fairly simple to make.

Unique button greeting card

I went online and found myself at The Range online store and bought a few basics to allow me to start making my own personalised handmade cards. I bought the following:

I already some bits at home to start making cards including:
Step 1. Research and practice. Have a look online to and gather as many inspirational ideas as you can before you get started. I created a Pinterest board with button card making ideas.  Take a look and see if it gets your creative juices flowing! Once you have a few ideas in mind, start practicing different types of stickmen and stickwomen using a fine liner until your confident.
Practice drawing for card making
Step 2. It sounds daft but make sure your hands are clean and you’re not wearing any nail varnish that could mark the card.
Step 3. Start drawing! Don’t go freehand, use a ruler. It looks much neater and more professional. When you have drawn your first line, pick up the ruler without smudging the ink on the card. Before you place the ruler back on the card, give it a quick wipe. This should reduce the risk of smudging.
Step 4. Using a glue gun, glue the buttons in place and add any additional fancy bits like paper roses and pearls. I added some cute ribbon bows which I made myself using a fork. I found a brilliant visual tutorial on icreativeIdeas.
Step 5. Add the last finishing touches by colouring in some of your drawings with coloured markers.
Watch my video Youtube tutorial for more detailed instructions
Card Making Tutorial
Here are some I’ve made so far…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’ve given this a go, I’d really love to see them!


Stacy xx

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