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How to make a personalised baby gift | Unique gifts | Box frame gifts

What better way to introduce a new addition to the family, with a personalised box frame gift, handmade by you? I’ve seen some gorgeous box framed gifts on sites such as not-on-the-high-street. They look great and they usually cost around £30 to buy but if you want to make your gift that bit more special, make it yourself.
Empty box frames cost between £2-£8 from Hobbycraft and you can fill them with anything you want. I’ve made box frame for my best friend’s baby girl, Lily. If you want to make one similar it will probably cost you around £11 (price can vary depending on what you want to fill your box frame with). What’s great is that you’ll have some crafty bits left over for your next box frame project.
To make on similar to this you will need:

Step 1. Paint the wooden letter in a colour of you choice. I’ve used an acrylic paint but you can use a tester paint pots if you have any laying around.

Wooden letter being painted in pink

Step 2. Cut your wall paper sample or your patterned print paper to size. If you’re making your own aperture you will need to do the following:

  • Get the wallpaper sample or the decorative paper and draw around the frame backing

Close up of someone drawing around the backing of a frame

Step 3. Cut 3.5cm off each side leaving you with small square piece

Measurements of an aperture for a box frame measuring 30x30cm

  • If you have any special features on your wallpaper sample, try and keep in the centre as I have with the bird

bird centre

Step 4. Glue the small square piece on to the white insert, that comes with the box frame

Gluing a cut out piece of decorative paper down to create an aperture

Step 5. Get your wooden letter and any additions and glue in place with the glue gun

Insert of a box frame including a wooden letter, silk flowers and scrabble letters spelling out, Lily

Step 6. Lastly, place your piece in the box frame.

Do you want more detail? Watch my video tutorial on Youtube

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tutorial. Keep checking back for more new projects. If you have any suggestions, you’d like to share, please leave me a comment.


Stacy xx


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