3 DIY cards
Card making

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3 DIY cards

5 Minute Make! For this beginners project you can purchase all the materials from Craft Stash. Craft stash specialise in paper crafts and card making. They stock a massive range and are definitely a one stop destination for cardmaking lovers.

The key to this project is to keep your fingers clean. One smudge would ruin your card. You don’t have to use the rubber stamp and ink but I really like the effect it makes. It’s up to you 🙂

You will need:

Step 1. Press the ink pad over the rubber stamp. I found it easier to push the ink against the stamp, it helped to distribute it more evenly.

Step 2. Gently place the stamp on the inside of the card and leave to dry. Leave it for a while to make sure it dries.

Step 3. If your letters have adhesive backs, peel the back off and place on the card. If yours don’t have adhesive backs, apply glue with a glue gun. Watch those fingers!

Step 4. Apply some glue to the card and place the wooden heart over it. Use the glue sparingly so it doesn’t seep out from underneath the heart.

Watch the video tutorial online

Screenshot of video

I hope you’e enjoyed this 5 minute make. If you want to see more subscribe to Stacy’s HANDMADE Secrets on Youtube or like my Facebook page

Love Stacy x

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