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How to make a personalised Peter Rabbit baby gift | Unique gifts | Box frame gifts

How cute is Peter Rabbit? With the launch of the new Peter Rabbit movie I thought I’d make something inspired by the floppy eared, mischievous bunny: A box frame gift. It would make a great personalised gift for the little one in your life. Or if you’re stuck for Christening gift ideas, this would make the perfect christening present.  I think it looks gender neutral but if you wanted to, you could make it ‘girlier’ with pink Peter Rabbit fabric or you could match the box frame with the baby’s bedroom colour scheme.

Boxframe containing Peter Rabbit imagery and fabric

All materials used in this project can be purchased from Hobbycraft. Where I’ve found cheaper alternatives, I’ve mentioned them below.

You will need:

1 x 20 x 20cm Box frame
1x Peter Rabbit Fat Quater in blues
1x 8cm Wooden Letter
1x Lace
1x Blank Pendant Base
1x Printout of Peter Rabbit
1x PVA Glue
1x Modge Podge (or PVA Glue)
1x Glaze
1x Blank card to fit in box frame
1x Glue Gun
1x Acrylic Paint
1 x Scissors
1x Ready Made Bow or you could use the ribbon used to wrap the Fat Quarters

Step 1. Choose your Peter Rabbit Fabric and before you do anything, iron it on a cool setting. I bought my fat quarters from Hobbycraft but I also found some Peter Rabbit fat quarters for half the price at Aldi. Unfortunately they don’t hold stock like that for long. When it’s gone, its gone. However, in my opinion the quality of the fabric from Hobbycraft was slightly better


Step 2. Take the backing out of the box frame and use this as a template to draw around on card. Once you’ve done this cut out with scissors or a guillotine.


Step 3. Glue the fabric on to the card using a PVA glue. Try and use it sparingly and spread out evenly. Remember to apply pressure. Do not use spray glue because if it soaks though the fabric, it will stain. Once dried,  cut around the card, ensuing that you left approx. 2cm from the edges. You’ll need to make it look neat from the front by folding the edges over. You should also cut  the corners off diagonally to make it easier when folding. Fold over the edges in the same way you would wrap a present. Apply glue and stick it to the back of the card. Don’t worry if it looks scruffy. None of this will be visible from the front and we can always cover it up later.


Step 4. Get your wooden letter and paint it in the colour of your choice. I used a ready mix paint on my video tutorial but I later found that acrylic paint was easier to work with and dried more evenily. You will need to apply 2-3 coats. Leave to dry. Once you’re happy with colour and it’s completely dried you can now glue on the buttons.

A close up of a letter being painted blue

Step 5. Whilst the paint is drying on your letter you can make the pendant: Search on Google for an image of your favourite character from Peter Rabbit and print off. Make it small enough to fit within the pendant and then cut to size.


Using Modge podge, glue the image in place and then paste the modge podge over the image too. Once fully dried paste on the glaze to give it a shiny appearance. Leave to dry for day.


Step 6. Now you can start to add decorations.  I’ve used some lace to add some texture to box frame. Place the lace over the front of the fabric covered card and wrap it around the back. This is where you should apply the glue. I’d suggest that you do this so the glue isn’t seen. Although PVA glue dries clear we want to make sure that we don’t see blobs of glue from the front. Before gluing it down, I positioned the fabric so you can see Peter Rabbit’s ears popping up from under the lace. Again, don’t worry if it looks messy at the back, we’ll cover it over later.


Step 7. Glue the letter and pendant to the fabric covered card with a glue gun

Close up of glue being applied to the back of a pendant

Step 8. Now you can continue gluing other bits such as more buttons, bows and mini bunting. If you wanted to make your own bows, take a look at this bow making tutorial. Alternatively you can purchase ready-made bows.

Step 9. I love buntings so I’ve made a few using some left over card I had from another DIY project. To make the bunting:

  • Cut out squares measuring 3cmx3cm,
  • Fold the squares in half
  • Cut diagonally from one corner & again to create a triangle shape
  • Repeat until you have enough bunting shapes.
  • You can vary the colour if you have some patterned/coloured card
  • Stick the triangle shapes together just using a glue stick
  • Then stick the buntings in place using PVA glue. Use it sparsely so it doesn’t seep out


Step 10. Glue on any little extras.

DIY Box frame instructions

If you want to tidy up the back, cut out a piece of patterned card, the same size as the backing and glue in place with a spray glue. You can use a  glue stick or PVA but I find that spray glue is strong, dries quick and doesn’t create lumps like PVA can when it dries on card. Once its secure, trim off any excess bits of thread.


Once you’re completely happy, pop you design in the boxframe and close it up. That’s it!

CLOSE UOPeter Rabbit final

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. You can watch the full box frame tutorial on YouTube and remember to subscribe to my channel to be the first to know when I upload the next DIY project.

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Love Stacy xx


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