Handmade pencil case with stationery
Craft basics

DIY No-Sew Pencil Case |Craft Basics

As part of National Stationery Week, I’ve been coming up with some DIY stationery storage ideas. This DIY pencil case requires no sewing whatsoever, it’s a simple craft idea for kids and adults alike. Whether it’s a back-to-school project or you just want to make something to tidy up your stationery desk.

For this DIY pencil case project all the materials are from Crafters Companion. You will need the following:

1 x Fabric – I’ve used this Fox in the Wood by Threaders Fabric. If you wanted to go for a different style I’d suggest you take a look at the wide range of fabric Crafter’s Companion have to offer. They have some gorgeous Liberty of London print faric too (soo chic!)
1 x Lace
1 x Zipper
1 x Glue gun
1 x Scissors

You’ll also need an iron to iron out any creases you might have in the fabric.

Step 1. Decide how big you want your pencil case to be and cut the fabric to size. My fox fabric measured 30 x 20cm. To ensure the edges don’t fray fold them over and glue down using a glue gun. When you’re doing this step make sure the edges are straight, otherwise you’ll have a wonky pencil case. Top tip: When folding them over, I find it useful to iron over the edges to make obvious fold lines so it’s easier when gluing it down


This is what it should look like. Notice that there’s a crease line running through the centre. I’ve done this on purpose to keep it neat

Large piece of fabric in a square shape

Step 2. Cut your zip to size and stick it to the back of the fabric. Avoid applying glue to actual zip because it will stop the zip from working.

To prevent the zipper from coming off the zip track, fold over the corners and glue in place.


Step 3.  Once the zipper is in place, glue the other side of the zipper to the back of the fabric. You should now see you pencil case taking shape. The zipper should be glued to underside. Wait for it dry.

I then turned it inside out and glued down one of the side edges. Your pencil case should look like the below.

Open the zipper and glue the last remaining side. Finally turn it back around through the zipper.


Step 4. You’re almost done. You just need to add the little extras. I’ve fallen in love with the Sara Davies Bridal Lace.  I’ve simply glued the lace around the top of the pencil case.

Watch those fingers, the glue gets really hot!


And this is what it should look like:

pencil case W tEXT OR LOGO.jpg


If you’ve had a go at this no-sew pencil case project, I’d love to see your pictures.

I’ve got a few more more stationery ideas, I’ll be sharing shorty. Let me know your thoughts!

Love Stacy



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