Personalised sweet cone
DIY Hen Party

Sweet Bags | Hen Party Ideas

For my hen party, my gorgeous bridesmaids made some party bags packed full of hen party gifts and treats. Within that party bag was a cone of sweets (to help us keep our energy levels up!) it’s a really simple, 5 minute make and it won’t cost the earth! You could also turn it into a Halloween treat or a stocking filler at Christmas.What made this little sweet bag even more amazing was that the girls personalised it with a sticker, “Stacy’s Hen  Weekend, Liverpool, 2018”.

Hen Party Bags

This isn’t just a great hen party goodie bag idea but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use these for your actual wedding for the little (and big) people in your life. They’d also look great on a sweet trolley if you’re having one.

Sweet cones for a hen party bag

I’ll show you how easy it is to recreate this simple hen partybag. To start, you’ll need the plastic cones which are available to purchase from Hobbycraft. You get about 10 cones for a £1. Next, fill it with all the sweets you want! To tie it up, the girls simply used curling ribbon available to purchase from most supermarkets, card shops or craft shops. Using the back of scissors run it down the curling ribbon to make ringlet-type curls. It should only take you a few minutes to create a bag and you can leave it as is or you can personalise it with a sticker- which I think is a lovely touch!

For the stickers you’ll need:

Plain Paper Self-Adhesive Circular Stickers and a printer.

Screenshot of sticker template

The stickers will come with instructions on how to download template. I’ve recommended using 40mm diameter stickers from a company called label planet. You can download a PDF or word template of the stickers so that you’re able to design your stickers in Microsoft Word or if you’re feeling a bit pro, you can use the the PDF in Photoshop. The round sticker templates  in 40mm can be downloaded for free from label planet. Take a gander round their website to see mores stickers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’re using Microsoft word, have a bit of a play with fonts and format before you decide on the final look of the sticker.

Once you’ve created your sticker. Crack on with filling up your sweet cones and  finish them off with you’re uniquely designed sticker!

To recap-

  • Curling ribbon can also be purchased from Hobbycraft or from any card shops and
  • Circular stickers can be bought from label planet

Enjoy making your sweetie cones!

Love Stacy (& the hens)  xx

Stacy’s handmade secrets hen party



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