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Alcohol Wedding Favors

A couple of years ago two of my friends, Kay & Kaz got married and their wedding favors were mini bottles of alcohol and shot glasses. GENIUS IDEA! It could also be a great addition to a hen party bag too.

I absolutely loved this wedding favour idea. If I remember correctly the bottles they gave out varied based on what people preferred.
You can buy the miniatures from most bigger  supermarkets costing between £2 – £3 for 5cl.

Alcohol Minitures Wedding Favour Ideas

It’s definitely worth shopping around. I’ve found some online shops that only sell miniatures, ‘Just miniatures’ sells 5cl from only £1.27 a bottle if you buy them in boxes of 12. The box sizes vary from 12 up to 192. Obviously the more you buy the cheaper it becomes.
‘Just miniatures’ also offers a service where they can personalise the bottles. This starts from £2.99. They look cool but you can only personalise their ‘house drinks’ and they may not be any of the brands you would recognise. However, they look good and it appears that ‘Just miniatures’ have done their homework and provided a variation of house drinks described in quite a bit of detail.
Personalised mini bottle of whiskey
This wedding favour can double up as a place name too. Kay’s favour contained a shot glass, wrapped in cellophane, tied together with curling ribbon along with a printed name tag.
Wedding Favour Idea
If you’re thinking of doing the same at your wedding you may need to consider your younger guests or the adults that don’t drink. I’ve soft drink ideas on Pinterest.
4 bottles of coke with straw
I hope you liked this wedding favour idea! Keep checking back for more wedding inspo!
Love Stacy xx

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