Wedding Favour Ideas

Log Slice Name Place Wedding Favors

There’s no reason why your name place couldn’t double up as a wedding favour. This is a great inexpensive wedding favor and can be very easily personalised. At my wedding, we went for a rustic feel and used some mini log slices that could later be used a wood slice charger or a coaster.
Here are some sneaky pictures some of my friends took on the day.



To make the mini log slice place names you will need:

We had to recently get a tree chopped down in our garden so we had loads of branches we could cut up and make into mini log slices and I had a handy mother-in-law who has had a lot of spare branches in her garden!
If you don’t have a supply of mini log slices, florists shops or craft shops should stock them. I know that you can buy the mini log slices from Hobbycraft in packs of 5 for £4.
Hobbycraft log slice idea
It could work out to be quite pricey so I’d advise shipping around first. However, when I tried pyrography (burning letters on wood) on the Hobbycraft  wooden log  slices they looked really good. It must have been because the Hobbycraft slices must be a type of softwood whereas the log slices from my garden were almost impossible to burn into.
This was my first attempt at pyrography:
When I tried burning into the log slices from my garden the wood was really hard and the pyrography pen really wasn’t doing much. Granted my tool is for beginners but it just wasn’t working. It looked like it wasn’t getting hot enough to burn through this wood. It might have worked with a more expensive tool but I wasn’t prepared to pay anymore so instead I used a sharpie marker pen that seemed to do the trick.
If you wanted to give pyrography a go, I’d suggest getting the beginners heat pen from Hobbycraft and using their small log slices to practise on.
If you wanted to go for sharpie pen option, I would practice writing names in your fanciest handwriting first. You could even write the names in pencil first then go over it in a marker pen. Just remember to let it dry before you try a rub it out.
  1. Drill a hole in the centre. I would do this first so in case the wooden disc snaps
  2. Write the name in pencil if preferred, once happy go over the name in black marker pen
  3. Give it 5-10 minutes to ensure that the letters have dried before rubbing out any pencil marks
  4. Using a clean brush, lightly apply the Osmo oil. Or if you’re on a budget you could simply use some ground walnut oil instead. It works just as well and smells lovely.
  5. Leave it for a day and reapply the oil to the back of the wood slice. I did this twice. It came out a lovely colour and protects the wood
  6. Thread through the hessian string and tie in a knot.
Your homemade wooden name place is now ready!
This would let only make a great wedding place name but you could create something similar as a Christmas tree decoration or simply a hanging decoration for your home.

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