Blackboard Easel with a wedding message
DIY Wedding

DIY ‘Welcome to our Wedding’ Blackboard

Weddings can be so expensive, so where possible I tried to save a few pennies by making or up-cycling my wedding decor. I was desperate to make my own ‘welcome to our wedding’ sign. I’ve seen some fab ideas shared on Pinterest and I wanted to give it a go.

Someone on Facebook marketplace was selling a very preloved easel/blackboard for £5 so I snapped it up. To buy it new would have cost £18 from Ikea.

Childrens blackboard easel

For this project I needed to following

Step 1. Since the wooden frame is slightly shiny it will need to be sanded down a touch

Step 2. Wipe down the surfaces ensuring they’re clean and clear from dust. Around the edges, tape down the masking tape or the frog tape.

Step 3. Paint on the chalkboard paint on both sides of the easel and give it a couple of hours before reapplying the second coat. The blackboard side only needed a couple of coats. On the opposite side was s whiteboard. Since it was shiny, it needed a good 3-4 coats.

Although you only need to wait a couple of hours between coats, I would wait until the following day to apply the furniture paint. This is because you’ll want to cover the blackboard edges in masking tape and to reduce the chances of pulling off the blackboard paint, I’d give it a full day to dry

Step 4. Attach the masking tape to the edges of the blackboard to prevent the furniture paint from bleeding on to the blackboard. If you have a steady hand you might not need the masking tape

Step 5. Apply the furniture paint and leave several hours between coats. I only needed 2 coats to   cover the entire board.

And that’s it, your board is now ready to write on!

Blackboard Easel with a wedding message

Love Stacy xx

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