DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding Signs & Chalkboard Ideas

How much fun did I have with making my own wedding signs? I was worried that I might find it boring but I ended up getting quite addicted to the point where I’d start looking for stuff around the house to pit blackboard paint on!

I bought a combination of new blank signs from Hobbycraft plus some second-hand blackboards from a carboot. I soon realised that I didn’t need to be looking just for blackboards because you can turn most things into a chalkboard with some special black paint.

The first sign I started working were the Wedding direction signs. The small black chalkboards come in packs of 6 for £8 from  Hobbycraft.

5 wedding signs on a wooden post

(Image from Hobbycraft)

When creating your own wedding signs, I strongly suggest you practice plenty first and if you’re not confident you can write in pencil first and then rub out the lines once you’ve drawn them on with blackboard pens.

31B0C838-D6E2-4C6B-BE47-D96C5CFCB5B1.jpegProducts I used were:
Standing Wooden Blackboard 17cm x 24cm £5
Chalkboard Signs 6 Pack £8
I can’t remembet where I bought my chalk marker. I really liked Posca range but they all work well. Once I’d written on all the chalkboards I got from Hobbycraft I started to look for other things I could turn into blackboards…


The first blackboard was a kids blackboard/whiteboard that I think was originally bought from Ikea. The second was a tired ornate mirror from a car boot costing me around £3.
I have uploaded step by step instructions on how to create these thrifty blackboard signs.

Come back soon for more DIY projects.

Love Stacy xx

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