Let me tell you a little bit about myself…One of my first jobs after graduating was at a small bead company, Beads Direct as a marketing assistant. This was where I got the bug for being creative.
I learnt how to make jewellery and about all the different techniques I needed to know to create some beautiful pieces of unique jewellery. I was welcomed into a world of sparkly beads and glamorous jewellery and I loved it!

Some of my work was later published in books, websites and magazines which I was thrilled about.

Four years later I left to broaden my skills in digital marketing within retail but I missed the creative side, badly. I decided to get back into it and make jewellery for fun. As time went on I moved on to crafts, specifically home decor.

People started asking me where I had bought my home decor pieces from, I’d proudly announce that I had made them myself. This got me thinking…why don’t I share my ideas online? That’s why I have decided to create this blog. I want to share with you some of the design pieces I have made over the years.

I hope you like what I upload. Please feel free to leave comments and I’ll try my best to respond to everyone.

With love,

Stacy xx