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How to turn a mirror into a blackboard sign

I recently started to experiment with chalkboard paint. I had no idea how easy it was to use, you really cannot go wrong with it. It’s great for going over existing blackboards, making them as good as new but it’s also great to apply on walls, furniture, mirrors or on most smooth surfaces. Once dried,… Continue reading How to turn a mirror into a blackboard sign

DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding Signs & Chalkboard Ideas

How much fun did I have with making my own wedding signs? I was worried that I might find it boring but I ended up getting quite addicted to the point where I’d start looking for stuff around the house to pit blackboard paint on! I bought a combination of new blank signs from Hobbycraft… Continue reading DIY Wedding Signs & Chalkboard Ideas

Blackboard Easel with a wedding message
DIY Wedding

DIY ‘Welcome to our Wedding’ Blackboard

Weddings can be so expensive, so where possible I tried to save a few pennies by making or up-cycling my wedding decor. I was desperate to make my own ‘welcome to our wedding’ sign. I’ve seen some fab ideas shared on Pinterest and I wanted to give it a go. Someone on Facebook marketplace was… Continue reading DIY ‘Welcome to our Wedding’ Blackboard

Wedding Favour Ideas

Log Slice Name Place Wedding Favors

There’s no reason why your name place couldn't double up as a wedding favour. This is a great inexpensive wedding favor and can be very easily personalised. At my wedding, we went for a rustic feel and used some mini log slices that could later be used a wood slice charger or a coaster. Here are… Continue reading Log Slice Name Place Wedding Favors

DIY Hen Party, Top Wedding Favor Ideas

Alcohol Wedding Favors

A couple of years ago two of my friends, Kay & Kaz got married and their wedding favors were mini bottles of alcohol and shot glasses. GENIUS IDEA! It could also be a great addition to a hen party bag too. I absolutely loved this wedding favour idea. If I remember correctly the bottles they… Continue reading Alcohol Wedding Favors

Mind Charity Badge, Wedding Favour
DIY Wedding, Wedding Favour Ideas

Charity Badge Wedding Favors

Wedding Favours - Charity Badges My absolute number one wedding favour are charity badges. Not only are you donating to a charity of your choice but you’re also building the awareness of that charity. Badges usually range between £1-£2.50 each. I chose to support MIND since this was a charity close to my heart. What… Continue reading Charity Badge Wedding Favors

Personalised sweet cone
DIY Hen Party

Sweet Bags | Hen Party Ideas

For my hen party, my gorgeous bridesmaids made some party bags packed full of hen party gifts and treats. Within that party bag was a cone of sweets (to help us keep our energy levels up!) it's a really simple, 5 minute make and it won't cost the earth! You could also turn it into… Continue reading Sweet Bags | Hen Party Ideas

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Light-up floral letter |Wedding decorations | Home decor

These light-up letters/symbols look great and are so simple to make. It took me about 20 minutes from start to end and cost around £12. You could use these letters at your wedding and then use them as a decor piece in your home as a keep sake. But you don't need to be getting… Continue reading Light-up floral letter |Wedding decorations | Home decor

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Satin & lace hanging heart| DIY wedding ideas

This stunning DIY wedding heart is simple to make and super light. This means it can be hung or carried almost anywhere! You could make several and hang them from the chairs or along church pews down the aisle. They would make a great alternative (or addition) to flowers at a fraction of the cost.… Continue reading Satin & lace hanging heart| DIY wedding ideas

Craft, DIY Room Decor, DIY Wedding

How to make hanging heart | DIY room décor | DIY wedding

Love is in the air! Today I'll be showing you how to make pearl heart wreath that can be hung up in your home and admired by family and friends. It would also make a great handmade wedding decoration by opting to use traditional bridal coloured beads. You will need: Polystyrene heart 15cm Glue gun… Continue reading How to make hanging heart | DIY room décor | DIY wedding